How one Wellman’s customer chased down just the right gift

During the Christmas holidays, one of our shoppers asked a great question. She found our Chase Your Dreams T-shirt in the store but wondered if she could get the graphic designed on a sweatshirt.

I was really glad she asked. After a little checking with our suppliers, I was able to give her two options: a sweatshirt and a hoodie. (She decided on the sweatshirt.) And her question gave me a great idea.

Except for the jewelry we sell, all of our products are custom-created for Wellman’s, and much of our artwork is proprietary. That means we can make most anything we want for anyone we want to make it for—maybe even you.*

If you like one of our designs but don’t see it on an item you want, get in touch and ask if we can have it made into what you’d like to have.

Love the T-shirt but need the design in a long-sleeve? See a coffee mug graphic you want on a pillow? The sweatshirt image is way cool, but you’d rather have it on a tote bag? Just ask. We’ll do our best to create what you want.

If we can make it happen, we’re glad to give you our graphic your way. OGYW!

(Go to our Contact page if you'd like to request OGYW.)

This post by Greg Webster.


*Some of our artwork is licensed from artists who allow us to use their work only on the products we’ve already created, so we can’t make other products with that art. But if the product description offers you the option of asking us to make the graphic on another product, you’ll know that’s one we’ll be glad to roll up our sleeves and see if we can find the right quality shirt, coffee mug, hoodie, or whatever you suggest to put it on.

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