The Story Behind the Store

HEY THERE! I'M GREG WEBSTER, and I qualify as part of the story behind the product because I’m the guy who started Wellman’s Online.

My family and I took a personal interest in country things when we moved from the city to rural Tennessee nearly 20 years ago. Since then, we’ve raised goats, sheep, and chickens (not so much anymore, though), and several of my daughters have “specialized” in horses. That means I’ve seen firsthand how close the relationship can be between folks who love horses and the horses who love them.

Launching Wellman’s by developing stylish gifts and accessories for horse lovers was a natural, and I hope you’ll check in regularly to see the products we keep adding—and maybe tell your friends about us, too. Thanks for enjoying what we offer!

Here’s a link to our latest additions, a cool pair of “Free Spirit” shirts: Free Spirit for horse lovers


Tank Top (Available in 5 colors)           T-Shirt (Available in 7 colors) 


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    I love the article a whole lot.

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