Help us decide which graphic belongs where!

As we expand our inventory of tasteful apparel and home gear, we do our best to make good choices about where to apply the designs we create. But in the end, what we think doesn’t really matter.

What matters is what you think!

That’s why Wellman’s created a system to do Our Graphics Your Way—OGYW!

If you see a great design on a T-shirt, but want it on a coffee mug, let us know.

Or the sketch off a tank top on a pillow, we’ll try it.

The image from a hoodie on a fleece blanket? Sure thing.

The only limitations are imagination and a few constraints on how we use our artwork. Some is licensed from other artists, and we can’t put them on just anything. But a lot of the designs we use are owned by Wellman’s, and if we can make it work on the product you have in mind, we’ll do whatever you want with those.

These are the graphics we currently would be glad to do your way:

{Any State} Cowgirl

{Any State} Bred

Chase Your Dreams

Herd of Friends

Friends Forever

Free Spirit

All You Add Is Pug


Frolicking Horse

Wake Me Up

Did Somebody Say Coffee?

Coffee Makes the World Go ‘Round


Wellman’s Logos


As for the products to put them on? we typically produce the items listed below and are pretty sure we can accommodate OGYW for you.

  • Shirts
  • Sweatshirts and Hoodies
  • Blankets
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Pillows
  • Tote Bags
  • Cell Phone Cases
  • Wall Art


But we’re willing to try most anything you come up with. To get you thinking, what sounds good from the list below?

  • Pet Stuff like bowls and bandanas
  • Other Drinkware like tumblers and beer steins
  • Home Gear: coasters, cutting boards, welcome mats, and more
  • Personal Accessories like backpacks, headphones, mousepads, and shoes


We’re so committed to this idea, we’ll even discount your first purchase of whatever you suggest.

Send us your request, and if we can make the product you have in mind, we’ll give you a coupon for 20% OFF your first purchase of your OGYW.

So, why not create your own product today?

Contact us and let us know what you want. OGYW!!!